Security Intelligence Centre

Lockheed Martin is a global security company, and for more than 30 years has been a trusted provider of innovative technology solutions. Cyber attacks never stop coming. Undetected intrusions put data, the mission, and even lives at risk.

At Lockheed Martin, we don't just understand cyber security. We live it. Our approach begins with the customer's mission and requirements, and ends with the provision of security solutions that are integrated, proactive and resilient. What comes in between are rigorous and thorough processes for analysing, developing, implementing and operating solutions.

Our teams review IT security management processes and make recommendations for augmenting them, as necessary, to help customers create organisation-specific processes to ensure effective implementation of established security policy. At Lockheed Martin, we build information assurance throughout the entire system development and deployment lifecycle, including: planning, enterprise controls, design, development, testing, deployment and operations.

Today in Lockheed Martin Australia, we're bringing together the right talent, the right processes, and the right technology to address our customers' most complex missions and requirements. At our NexGen Cyber Innovation and Technology Centre (NCITE) in Canberra, we're now putting in place the next component of our comprehensive cyber security portfolio - a state-of-the-art Security Intelligence Centre (SIC).

At Lockheed Martin, SICs serve as the focal point for computer network defence, including the detection and identification of all information security incidents, and the determination of appropriate responses. The new Security Intelligence Centre, to be opened in October 2013, will help us demonstrate capabilities that further address the hard cyber challenges being faced by our customers, today and tomorrow.