Products and Product In-Service Support (ISS)

Product Manufacturing Capabilities & Services

LM Canada’s manufacturing and test capability has evolved over more than 20 years and has demonstrated a wide ranging capability for:

  • Mature Manufacturing and Build to Print Technology Transfers
  • Manufacturing, Integration and Test of Complete Systems 
  • Production of Subassemblies and Modules
  • Chassis, Backplanes, Circuit Card Assemblies
  • Cables & Harnesses, RF Semi-Rigid Cables
  • Radar, RF Systems, Microwave Integrated Circuitry
  • Design, development, prototyping (EDM build), new product introduction

LM Canada is producing the HALIFAX Class Modernization (HCM) Combat System Computing Environment (CSCE) for 12 Ship installations (5 West, 7 East), 1 Land Based Test Facility (LBTF) and Trainers for DND.

The CSCE is groomed as an integrated system in the Production Test Facility (PTF) prior to installation on each Canadian Patrol Frigate (CPF).


Product In-Service Support

Lockheed Martin Canada provides “In-Service Support” to the Canadian Navy, Army and Air Force, and specializes in low-medium volume manufacturing, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) and follow-on in-service support.

Lockheed Martin Canada manufactures and supports a wide range of both Lockheed Martin and other OEM products. Capabilities also include system, hardware, and software engineering support.

Support Services include:

  • 2nd and 3rd Line Depot Level Repair and Overhaul Services
  • Field Service Support (FSR) and Mobile Repair Parties (MRPs)
  • Technical Investigations Engineering Studies (TIES)
  • ILS, Bilingual Publications
  • Equipment Installations and Set-to-Work (STW)
  • Spares Management
  • Maintenance and Calibration of Test Equipment

Our In-Service Support facility complies with the A-LM-184-00/JS-001, Special Instructions for R&O contractors:

  • Direct link to the Canadian Forces Supply System (CFSS)
  • LM Canada Bonded Stores manages over 5700 line items or  ~ $12 Million of DND inventory onsite
  • Provide complete logistics support (DND reports, DND bonded stores)