Today, Canadian sailors are already conducting team, operator and maintenance training at Lockheed Martin Canada's east coast facility, the Maritime Advanced Training and Test Site (MATTS) in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. With preparations already underway for sea trials in 2012, this training environment hosts more than 150 sailors on a daily basis.

The Synthetic Environment Advanced Combat Operator Trainer (SEACOT) shielded space has four classrooms and a data centre to support training.


The Synthetic Environment Advanced Warfare and Operations Leadership Facility (SEAWOLF) shielded space houses two mocked up Operations Rooms, a Trainer Control Room, two visual Bridge simulators and a briefing theatre.


Land Based Test Site (LBTS)

Otherwise known as the “13th HCM shipset”, the LBTS contains a fully assembled and integrated set of the equipment and systems being delivered to the HALIFAX Class ships. 


In addition to a full suite of subsystem simulators and stimulators in the LBTS, the facility has authority to radiate live using all radars in the system, and thus has the capability for end to end testing of the Combat Management System (CMS).



Direct Fire Targetry (DFT) Support Services

Lockheed Martin Canada provides Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services in support of the DFT equipment, for open range live fire training, at Canadian Forces Bases in Wainwright, Petawawa, Valcartier and Gagetown.