Current Vacancies


Thank you for the interest that you have shown in Lockheed Martin UK. If you would like further details on any of our current vacancies or potential requirements, please contact our Managed Services provider: Optamor by email, or telephone 02392 415985.

Please note that the majority of the positions posted require HM Government security clearance, please refer to individual job specifications for requirements. In order to apply for a position requiring security clearance the applicant must meet the Defence Business Services National Security Vetting criteria. Details of the criteria can be found on the MOD website.

To apply for any of these vacancies, please complete this application form and email it along with your CV, to

Notes: * When a CV is submitted to Optamor, it is retained exclusively for Lockheed Martin.

Click here to view the latest vacancies within the civil sector of Lockheed Martin UK. This part of our business specialises in information technology solutions for the energy, transport and public services sectors.

Click here to view the current vacancies at SIM Industries B.V.  SIM Industries B.V is a commercial aviation simulation Company located in the Netherlands.


Reference Job Title Location
LMUKA5046 Master Planner/Scheduler Bedford
LMUKA5134 Manufacturing Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6470 Coded Welding Technician Bedford
LMUKA6624 NDT Technician Bedford
LMUKA6635 Janitor Maintenance Bedford
LMUKA6656 Material Planner Bedford
LMUKA6657 Stores & Logistics Manager Bedford
LMUKA6696 Inspection Supervisor Bedford
LMUKA6698 Quality Business Process Analyst Bedford
LMUKA6706 Mechanical Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6716 Assembler Spec Bedford
LMUKA6812 CNC Production Technician Bedford
LMUKA6825 Multi Functional HR Representative Bedford
LMUKA6855 Software Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6856 Software Test Engineer Bedford
LMUKA6861 Configuration Analyst Bedford
EBS6702 LMUK IT Senior Manager Whiteley
EBS6809 Procurement Representative Whiteley
EBS6810 Contracts Negotiator Senior Whiteley
EBS6815 International Talent & Organizational Capability Whiteley
MST6735 Maritime Systems Engineer Havant
MST6736 Business Development Analyst Principal FTC Qatar
LMUK6686 Programme Management Senior Manager NATO, ANWI Brussels, Belgium
MST6868 Human Resources Business Partner Qatar
LMUK6732 Commercial Engine MRO Regional Business Development Lead UK
LMUK6874 Apprentice Scheme Programme Manager London
MST5040 Software Architect Havant
MST5065 Air Force Technical Instructor (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5066 Air Force Mechanical Instructor (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5070 Air Force Electronics Instructor (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5071 Head of Training Support (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5072 Courseware Engineer/Designer (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5073 Courseware Engineer/Designer (FTC) UK/Middle East
MST5143 Security Architect Havant
MST5169 Business Development Analyst Havant
MST6481 Employee Engagement Manager London
MST6520 UAS Technologist Havant
MST6571 Business Development Analyst Farnborough
MST6578 Infrastructure Lead Havant
MST6593 Lead Systems Engineer Havant
MST6594 Lead Integration and Test Engineer Havant
MST6602 Business Development Analyst Farnborough
MST6625 ESM Systems Engineer Havant
MST6676 Training System Cognisant Engineer Havant
MST6697 Capture Excellence Manager Havant
MST6707 Risk and Opportunity Manager Havant
MST6729 Systems Engineer Havant
MST6768 Business Development Industrial Trainee Havant
MST6769 Instructional Design Engineer Havant
MST6770 Instructional Design Engineer Bristol
MST6771 Multimedia Developer Bristol
MST6772 Multimedia Developer Bristol
MST6773 Production Coordinator Bristol
MST6774 Production Coordinator Bristol
MST6775 Technical Lead Bristol
MST6777 Courseware Deputy Bristol
MST6784 Business Unit Support Services Havant
MST6847 Quality Assurance Engineer Havant
MST6878 Systems Engineer Farnborough
MST6891 Capture Manager Warminster / Farnborough
MST6894 Contracts Negotiator Havant
SS5112 Information Assurance Engineer HMNB Clyde
SS6767 SWS/SSE Technician HMNB Clyde
LMUK6629 Receptionist/Telephone Operator London
LMUK6867 Employee Engagement Manager London
LMUKF4721 Information Assurance Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF5058 Business Development Analyst London
LMUKF5179 Program Management Manager London
LMUKF6615 Sales Manager
LMUKF6670 Software Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6712 Trade Compliance Officer Farnborough
LMUKF6739 Systems Engineer Staff Farnborough
LMUKF6741 Project Management & Planning Operations Representative Farnborough
LMUKF6742 Master Planner/Scheduler Farnborough
LMUKF6743 Project Management & Planning Operations Representative Farnborough
LMUKF6747 Systems Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6748 Systems Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6749 Systems Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6752 Systems Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6753 Systems Engineer - Lead Architect Farnborough
LMUKF6754 Systems Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6755 Test Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6757 Test Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6758 Test Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6805 Security Operations Administrator Farnborough
LMUKF6807 Sector Security Manager London
LMUKF6808 Sector Security Manager Glasgow/Aberdeen
LMUKF6859 Systems Engineer Farnborough
LMUKF6892 Proposal Analyst (Maternity Cover) Farnborough
LMUKG4760 Software Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4759 Software Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4761 Software Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4762 User Experience Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4864 Systems Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG4870 Project Engineer Senior (Cyber) Gloucester
LMUKG5158 Project Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG5159 Systems Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG6513 Software Test Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG6790 Information Assurance Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG6791 Information Assurance Engineer Gloucester
LMUKG6863 Industrial Security Representative Gloucester
SSS4891 Project Engineer Principal Gloucester
SSS4893 Project Engineer Principal Gloucester
CIV5107 Computer Systems Analyst London
CIV5230 Network Engineer London
CIV6554 Procurement Representative Whiteley
CIV6559 Requirements Engineer London
CIV6562 Knowledge Process Owner London
CIV6563 CSI and Risk Manager London
CIV6564 Senior Relationship Manager London
CIV6567 Release & Deployment Process Owner London
CIV6574 Chief Engineer London
CIV6636 Service Desk Process Owner London
CIV6703 System Safety Engineer Whiteley
CIV6704 System Safety Engineer Whiteley
CIV6705 Systems Engineer Whiteley
CIV6720 Project Management & Planning Operations Representative Whiteley
CIV6725 Service Manager London
CIV6726 Service Manager (Service Validation and Test Process Owner) London
CIV6731 UK Engineering Manager – Sub Capability Area, Collection & Processing Systems Whiteley
CIV6759 Supply Chain Engineer Whiteley
CIV6780 Software Coordinator Whiteley
CIV6783 Contracts Negotiator Whiteley
CIV6792 Service Engineering London
CIV6794 Kinetic Administrator London
CIV6796 Developer London
CIV6797 Database Administrator London
CIV6798 Network Engineer London
CIV6800 Remedy Developer London
CIV6801 Infrastructure Engineer London
CIV6803 Test Lead London
CIV6804 Test Analyst London
CIV6822 Network Engineer Whiteley
CIV6823 Service Delivery Manager Whiteley
CIV6826 Program Management Manager London
CIV6828 Server Infrastructure Engineer Whiteley
CIV6829 Storage Infrastructure Engineer Whiteley
CIV6830 Test Engineer Whiteley
CIV6831 Test Engineer Whiteley
CIV6837 Test Engineer Whiteley
CIV6842 Contracts Negotiator Whiteley
CIV6843 Contracts Negotiator London
CIV6850 Software Engineer Whiteley
CIV6852 SIAM Service Manager London
CIV6860 Software Engineer Whiteley
CIV6862 Computer System Analyst London
CIV6880 HR Operations Manager Farnborough/Whiteley/London
CIV6896 Software Engineer Whiteley