Lockheed Martin UK currently works with over 1,000 suppliers around the UK, 75% of which are SMEs. The company spends approximately £200m per year with the UK supply chain.

Good partnerships between Lockheed Martin and its suppliers are the cornerstone of its ability to deliver unique capabilities to our valued customers, whether it’s helping to deliver F-35 to 12 nations around the world or 50 million items of post to individuals around the UK every day.

With customers as diverse as academic institutions, commercial airports, energy companies, government departments, health services, the military, Royal Mail, public sector bodies, transport solution providers and utilities, Lockheed Martin UK and its suppliers must deliver innovative products and services to enable these organisations of critical national importance to do their jobs effectively.

To ensure this continues to happen, we are working to create more collaborative relationships, make our business more agile and lean, and ensure a better return on invested capital for all partners.

Our aim is to nurture suppliers without threatening their intellectual property or business interests. If we manage to achieve this together, greater international business opportunities can result for all.

We are taking practical approaches to making it easier for suppliers, current and new, to work more effectively with us. One example is our newly established supplier financing initiative. This means of reducing risk is only one of many ways we hope to support our suppliers better when they work for us.

These web pages also contain information about our unique proposition to suppliers all over the UK, case studies of some of our existing suppliers and their experience of working with us, our commitment to how we can work together better, and what’s in it for you as a supplier. They also tell you that according to our latest supplier satisfaction survey, 91% of our supply partners say we’re good to do business with.

We hope this section of our website will help you learn more about how to do business with Lockheed Martin UK as we enter new sectors and markets together. We would also be interested to hear from you.