CameoSim is a unique, world leading software suite that has been developed specifically for the generation of the highest fidelity synthetic imagery of real world scenes, and is commercially available.  It covers the practical ultraviolet through to the infrared.  Its aim is to provide synthetic imagery for any current or future electro-optic sensor.  CameoSim is based on first principles physics and true radiometric interactions and allows the user to interface to other software products such as target signature codes and sensor models.

CameoSim is being used by the defence community to develop better platforms and systems in a cheaper and more efficient manner.  It uses raytracing techniques to predict radiance maps in the physically correct units of W/sq-m/sr and Cd/sq-m in the visible band, as well a whole host of images to support analysis such as temperature images and object masks. CameoSim will import most standard geometry and texture formats to give invaluable compatibility with existing databases, and has a suite of utilities to support the user in every aspect, from generating the models, creating the scenes and analysing the imagery. It has been used in a wide range of applications in defence research including:

  • Camouflage
  • Concealment and deception studies
  • Platform signature assessment (air, land and sea)
  • Sensor development and assessment, including hyperspectral sensors
  • Closed loop seeker assessment
  • Algorithm development and optimisation
  • Countermeasure assessment