Integrated Survivability Analysis and Assessment Code (ISAAC)

Integrated Survivability Analysis and Assessment Code (ISAAC) is a new trade-off tool that supports survivability concept formulation and assessment.  It provides a method for deriving the optimum mix of survivability technology (or techniques), which should be fitted to a platform, taking into account:

  • The threats (type, prevalence, performance)
  • The effectiveness of survivability technologies (or techniques) against the threats
  • Synergies between technologies, plus linkages (where technologies must be used together) and conflicts (where technologies are mutually exclusive)
  • The burdens associated with the technologies, including constraints on the burdens (e.g. total cost or weight)
  • The scenarios, deployments and roles associated with the platform.

ISAAC enables the relative merits of different technologies to be compared and assessed, e.g. to answer questions such as “Is it more effective to increase stealth, add extra protection or deploy Hk DAS?”.  The model does not just derive a single ‘best’ solution.  Rather, it enables sensitivity studies to be performed and facilitates the identification of survivability trends and drivers; the identification of threats which may be driving the survivability solutions or overmatching the platform, and the identification of situations beyond which there is little benefit or where significant changes in survivability occur.