Light Forces Anti Tank Guided Weapon System (LFATGWS)

The fire-and-forget Javelin is a one-man-portable and employable, shoulder-fired, medium-range fire-and-forget anti-armor weapon. A 17X force multiplier, Javelin has a maximum range of more than 2500 meters and a minimum range of less than 100 meters. Javelin is in full production; 21,000 rounds and over 4,600 command launch units have been produced. Fire-and-forget capability allows gunners to avoid counter-fire or rapidly engage successive targets. Soft launch capability allows fire from enclosure. It is versatile, effective against a wide range of targets, and adaptable to many platforms. Javelin was developed and produced for the U.S. Army and US Marine Corps by the Javelin Joint Venture of Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. It has also been sold in Europe (Lithuania, UK, Ireland, The Czech Republic and Norway), the Mid-East (Jordan and Oman), and Asia (Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan). Modular design accommodates growth to outpace the threat.