Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP)

In today’s complex battlefield environment, where multiple assets must be carefully coordinated to work together for best effect, achieving the right level of situational awareness is key and achieving ‘decision quality’ real-time data can give the Land Commander a crucial advantage.

This drive for clear situational awareness is at the heart of the move toward Network Enabled Capability (NEC). With experience across a wide variety of Battle Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (BMC4I) programmes and with an enviable systems integration pedigree and unmatched access to proven technologies, Lockheed Martin UK is well placed to provide vital work in this area.

In 2008 Lockheed Martin UK led Team Athena signed a contract with the UK’s Ministry of Defence to provide the British Army with a state of the art situational awareness and battlespace management capability called the Land Environment Air Picture Provision (LEAPP). The LEAPP contract, worth over £100million, will see systems delivered from 2012.

The centrepiece of LEAPP is a scaleable, fully netted open architecture system, interfacing cutting-edge ground sensors with real-time data from advanced air surveillance assets, to provide a correlated air picture for the Land Commander.

To prevail in this increasingly complex environment, it is imperative that our forces have a new level of information sharing and greater operational awareness supporting faster reaction times. LEAPP brings this crucial capability to the British Army for the first time.

LEAPP detects, tracks, logs and displays not only all the air activity within the range of the integrated sensors including the position of blue forces, neutral air traffic, enemy activity, but also overlays this with other information including enemy positions, air corridors and restricted operating zones, providing an unrivalled and continuous situational awareness throughout the area of operations.

LEAPP will dramatically enhance operational capability by providing high level situational awareness to British and coalition forces. The common air picture gives the operators the capability to de-conflict airspace in near real-time and the integrated command and control embodies the core architecture for the net-centric capability of the future.