Governance and Ethics


Lockheed Martin’s commitment to ethics and integrity is governed by our core values: Do What’s Right, Respect Others and Perform with Excellence. Our 120,000 global employees, from the CEO down, bring those values to life through sustainable business practices—the everyday actions that contribute to environmental protection, community resiliency and responsible business growth. Maintaining the highest standards of ethical and sustainable conduct is a business priority for our leadership and employees and a key issue for many of our stakeholders, including customers and stockholders.

In our annual employee survey, Ethics and Integrity was the highest rated element of our organizational health, and saw the largest increase for the second year in a row, up two points from 2011.
Creating solutions for our customers’ most critical needs requires trust that we’ve built through ethical practices.
The proprietary nature of our products and services and the heavy scrutiny of our design and manufacture require the utmost attention to ethics to ensure responsible data sharing and product sales.

What happened in 2012

We expanded our ethics and governance activity by engaging our supply chain in a pilot mentoring program to advise and enhance their own ethics and compliance programs. We also formalized our commitment to a company-wide sustainability effort by broadening our Ethics & Business Conduct organization, creating an Office of Corporate Sustainability led by the Vice President, Ethics & Sustainability.

in Australia now have access to their first in-country Ethics Officer.
  in Business Conduct and Compliance completed in 2012. Employees fulfilled 100% of their training commitments.

Our NOVA awards honor employees for stellar ethical behavior that exemplifies our commitment to “setting the standard” for business conduct and integrity. Maryland-based software program manager Asad Faizi won in 2012 for immediately notifying management after a subcontractor offered him $5,000 for every candidate the corporation hired from the subcontractor's new headhunter company and substantially more if he helped the subcontractor get on Lockheed Martin's approved vendor list. An investigation led to the subcontractor's removal.

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