Applying the science of citizenship begins at home with our operations. We set meaningful goals and work systematically from the inside out to reduce carbon emissions, energy use, landfill waste and water use from our products and operations. We also efficiently manage environmental remediation efforts and prioritize regulatory compliance. Together, these focus areas increase productivity and the quality of the work environment, reduce our environmental footprint, build resilient communities and decrease business costs and risks.

We are transparent about our environmental performance, which fosters trust with employees and allows community partners to see us as open and honest neighbors.

Applying our core competencies in engineering breeds new discoveries in operational efficiencies while also improving energy and environmental performance.


Some of the root causes of instability and insecurity around the world stem from the planet’s finite resources. We’re conserving to reduce our operational footprint.

What happened in 2012

We achieved our multi-year environmental performance goals ahead of schedule, further integrated environmental considerations into our operational footprint and set aggressive new targets for carbon, energy use, waste and water.


on Carbon Disclosure Project for

systematically reducing carbon


  Reinvestment opportunity achieved due to energy and water use reductions in 2012 compared to 2007.

30% of the total electricity consumed in Lockheed Martin operations is derived from renewable sources including solar, wind, biogas and small-scale hydropower.

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