Lockheed Martin is committed to mitigating the environmental liabilities we have inherited from legacy Lockheed Martin and heritage company operations. Most remediation projects address conditions left behind by operations dating back to the 1940s and 1950s. Our goal is to protect human health and the environment and to remediate in the most effective, efficient and affordable manner possible.

We work closely with regulatory agencies, citizens and community groups, environmental and conservation organizations and other stakeholders to ensure we fully meet our environmental obligations in a collaborative manner. In 2012, remediation efforts included:

  • Planted Black Poplar trees, an endangered species, to clean contaminated sites with minimal environmental impact and enhance the long-term sustainability of groundwater
  • Injected treated groundwater to help remove contaminant mass in groundwater
  • Injected treated groundwater to maintain wetlands
  • Implemented on-site enhanced biological treatment technologies
  • Monitored remedial actions to ensure efficiency and efficacy

For financial information on our environmental liabilities, please review our quarterly and annual SEC filings or visit A list of our remediation projects is available.


Through a process called phytoremediation, trees are planted over groundwater impacted by pollutants. Contaminants within the root zone are removed into the trees, where they are contained, biodegraded and/or volatized. In some instances, the combination of hydraulic gradient and root activity pulls water from deeper underground into the root zone.

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