Safety and Wellness


We strive to achieve and maintain a zero injury workplace and healthy workforce to enact the science of citizenship. In our industry, vigilance in workplace health and safety at all employee levels is also important to ensure mission success. We work with complex safety risks and know that the safest option is also always the smartest. We focus on wellness, education, management accountability and behavior-based safety processes for both manufacturing and office environments.

An injury-free workplace fosters a better quality of life for employees and mission success for our customers.

Our practical approach to improvement includes thoughtful analysis of safety hazards and at-risk behaviors


By providing a safe work environment and accessible employee care, we’re securing the safety and health of our workforce.

What happened in 2012

We achieved year-over-year reductions in missed workdays from injuries, developed improvement plans for the five most frequent injury incident rates and introduced new ergonomic and hearing protection aids.

in Severity (Lost Days) Rates since 2011
  administered on-site at Lockheed Martin

Our Heroes for Target Zero program recognizes our sites that demonstrate the most improved workplace safety performance. Safety and Wellness

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