Environment, Safety & Health

People and the environment – two of the most important areas in aiding Lockheed Martin Aeronautics in the performance of its business. By their nature, some of our activities can introduce hazards into the workplace or pose risks to the environment if compliance to established policies is not strictly observed. That's why Environment, Safety & Health (ESH) policy focuses on continual improvement.

“ESH is everyone’s responsibility!” Simply, this means our company commits to:

  • Protecting our employees, the environment and local communities
  • Assuring full compliance with legislation, regulations and requirements, to include corporate and customer requirements
  • Preventing pollution, conserving natural resources, reducing waste and recovering or recycling resources where economically feasible
  • Preventing injuries and ESH incidents and continually progressing toward zero injuries
  • Integrating ESH consideration into business capture, product and service design, and program operations
  • Developing ESH performance objectives and targets to promote continual improvement of the ESH Management System and reduce adverse impacts and risk

Aeronautics is committed to two important corporate initiatives:

  • "Target Zero" aims to foster a workforce that strives for zero injuries and promotes a culture where all employees have a "zero injury/accidents" mentality
  • "Go Green" seeks to eliminate adverse environmental impact from Aeronautics operations by reducing carbon emissions, waste to landfill and water usage

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics is committed to providing a safe workplace and protecting employees, customers, contractors, communities, visitors and the environment from the potential hazards of company activities, products or services.

The company’s executive leadership commits to compliance, prevention of pollution and injuries and continual improvement of our management system. ESH program performance is a direct responsibility of each program and functional organization.