Code Quest Costume Contest

Dress Code
2015 Costume Theme:  Varies by location

If your team participates in the 2015 costume contest you may be eligible to win some prizes! Any team that does not follow the costume contest rules (below) will be exempt from any team costume prize.

  • NO revealing attire or bare midriffs.
  • NO profanity, nude or semi-nude pictures printed on shirts, political slogans, suggestive cartoons or drawings.  Depending on the specific situation, any attire that would be considered offensive to others on the basis of cultural or religious custom.
  • NO house shoes, slippers, roller skates or Heelies.  All attendees must wear closed-toe soled shoes.
  • Masks can only be worn during judging and not during processing, testing or factory tours.
  • Capes cannot be worn during factory tours.

NO toy weapons are allowed on company property.

Attendees will be photographed or videotaped for publicity purposes.


Code Quest Events

April 18, 2015
Denver, CO
Fort Worth, TX
Marietta, GA
Orlando, FL
Owego, NY
Sunnyvale, CA
Washington, D.C.

7:30AM-2:00 PM

Registration closes April 3, 2015

Contact Code Quest:
For additional information,
please email Code Quest at

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