Littoral Combat Ship’s Combat System Validated by U.S. Navy: COMBATSS-21 Enhanced by Open Architecture

COMBATSS-21 Enhanced by Open Architecture



Lockheed Martin MS2 recently validated the COMBATSS-21 software system that will be aboard the nation’s third Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Fort Worth. During the two-day engineering evaluation, the U.S. Navy approved requirements for multiple functions, including link communications, identification, tracking and mission tracking support.

The COMBATSS-21 software is derived from Aegis Open Architecture and continues the open systems software currently deployed in the Aegis fleet. Aegis and LCS share 95 percent commonality.

The COMBATSS-21 test was conducted at the Mission Systems Integration Center (MSIC) in Moorestown, N.J., and culminated a series of tests to evaluate the capabilities of the COMBATSS-21 open combat system.

The LCS-3 COMBATSS-21 is designed from Lockheed Martin’s Common Source Library (CSL), which enables technology insertions and software fixes to be used many times across multiple programs. The CSL establishes a common requirements and software library for products and builds each program from that same library.

“Our open architecture models and Common Source Library enable our engineers to maximize common components, saving time and money for our customers,” said Rich Calabrese, Lockheed Martin director of Mission Systems. “Our approach enhances life cycle affordability by reducing costs for integration, test and certification and supports the Navy’s objective combat system architecture. This computer program is the basis for the 10 Freedom Class LCS ships recently awarded to Lockheed Martin and continues Lockheed’s alignment of programs to the Navy’s objective architecture goals.”

Currently, Aegis cruisers and destroyers, LCS and Coast Guard programs utilize the CSL, which brings together open combat system components and common information standards.