Lockheed Martin to Provide Sonar Upgrades to U.S. Navy


When your personal computer is running an outdated program or you want the newest smart phone, you can run to your local electronics store for the latest technology. That luxury doesn’t exist for those on submarines, and outdated technology isn’t simply a nuisance – it’s actually a danger.

To help the submarine fleet maintain up-to-date technology, the U.S. Navy awarded Lockheed Martin a contract to provide sonar system upgrades through an open architecture business model that uses commercial technology.

Acoustic Rapid Commercial-off-the-Shelf Insertion, or ARCI, provides sonar software and hardware updates to every Navy submarine class on a recurring basis to ensure acoustic superiority at reasonable cost.

The program’s scope includes the development, production, support and modernization of all U.S. submarine sonar systems. The $84 million contract contains options, which if exercised will bring the total contract value to $2.1 billion.