Evolution Continues to Transform Aegis

Lockheed Martin’s Aegis’ SPY-1 radar successfully completes live aircraft attack test


file Lockheed Martin’s SPY-1 radar is a key part of the Aegis Weapons System. The radar recently fully identified, tracked and conducted simulated engagements against live aircraft during a test of the Multi-Mission Signal Processor.

While the common – though incorrect – belief holds that “survival of the fittest” applies to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, it does accurately describe Lockheed Martin’s Aegis Weapon System.

The Lockheed Martin-led Aegis team has evolved the system 15 times since it was first deployed in 1983– each time adding more capability, making it better and transforming the system to become the backbone of worldwide missile defense.

One of Aegis’ most significant innovations accomplished a major milestone recently when the Lockheed Martin Aegis SPY-1 radar successfully identified, tracked and conducted simulated engagements against live aircraft in a stressing electronic attack environment during a test of the Multi-Mission Signal Processor (MMSP).

“By combining the proven SPY-1 radar and Aegis (Ballistic Missile Defense) BMD signal processing into a single open architecture platform, we can provide a cost-effective technical solution with unprecedented future growth to the U.S. Navy," said Brad Hicks, Lockheed Martin’s vice president of naval radar programs. “The success of this test confirms the system is on track for deployment to the fleet next year.”

The MMSP is developed and fielded as part of the U.S. Navy’s Aegis Baseline 9C system, which combines next-generation BMD and anti-air warfare capability in an open combat-system architecture.

During the test, live aircraft conducted simulated attacks at the navy’s Vice Admiral James H. Doyle Combat Systems Engineering Development Site using radar-jamming techniques. The Aegis SPY-1 radar, equipped with MMSP, tracked the aircraft and successfully executed all attack scenarios.

As part of the Aegis Modernization Program, MMSP is scheduled for installation on guided missile destroyers currently equipped with the Aegis Weapon System, starting in 2012.