If a Tree Falls in the Forest…

Lockheed Martin to work with Mustus Energy on biomass facility to turn waste wood into clean energy

biomass chips

Lockheed Martin will manage the construction of a new biomass-fueled power generation plant in Alberta for Mustus Energy. Using waste wood to fuel a clean combustion process, the plant will provide power to more than 30,000 Canadian homes. 

Every year loggers in Alberta, Canada, harvest 44.5 million cubic meters of wood, according to provincial government figures. When a tree is cut, only about 40 percent goes to the lumber mill for processing into value-added products – the remainder is discarded.

That leaves a lot of waste, and now Mustus Energy and Lockheed Martin are working together to turn that unwanted timber into valuable, clean energy.

Lockheed Martin Canada will manage the construction of a new 41.5MW biomass-fueled power generation plant Mustus Energy is building in La Crete, Alberta. Using waste wood to fuel a clean combustion process, the plant will provide enough energy to power more than 30,000 Canadian homes when complete. 

“I think that adding Lockheed Martin to our team will help ensure the success of this and future similar projects. We are impressed with the level of support and expertise that Lockheed Martin brings to the Mustus team,” said Ross Maxwell, Mustus Energy’s chief executive officer. 

Construction will begin this spring, with operations planned to start in the fall of 2013. When operations commence, the plant will provide base-load electrical power to the Alberta grid.  In addition to managing construction, Lockheed Martin will procure materials, equipment and other services needed for the project.

Lockheed Martin is currently building a biomass facility in upstate New York for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  Lockheed Martin built and operates its own biomass plant at its Owego, N.Y., facility. The plant has helped reduce the site’s heating and cooling bills by half, saving approximately $1 million in fuel costs annually.

Mustus Energy is a clean-energy company that designs carbon-neutral facilities. Biomass-fueled power reduces air emissions and generates a clean ash by-product that can safely be used as a soil enhancement for agriculture.  

Canada is a leader in developing and implementing biomass technologies.  Six percent of Canada’s power comes from biomass, making it the country’s second largest renewable energy generation source.