Tracking Radar Customers’ Input

Customers from around world provide insight at Lockheed Martin’s ground-based radar conference



Officials from 15 countries, the U.S. military and NATO gathered in New Orleans to share experiences and ideas about Lockheed Martin radars such as the TPS-77, shown above, at the company’s International Ground-Based Radar Users Conference.

From the Arctic Circle to the South American rain forest to the Arabian Desert, more than 30 nations on six continents rely on Lockheed Martin ground-based radars to keep an eye on their skies.

Today, 177 Lockheed Martin radars operate around the world – more than all other competitive radars combined. This week officials from 15 countries, along with U.S. Air Force, U.S. Marine Corps and NATO representatives, gathered in New Orleans to share experiences and ideas at Lockheed Martin’s fifth International Ground-Based Radar Users Conference.

“We understand the importance of our radars to the defense missions of our customers,” said Greg Larioni, vice president and general manager of radar surveillance systems at Lockheed Martin. “While we meet with our individual customers frequently throughout the year, the conference provides a unique opportunity to provide information on upgrades and life-cycle support and share our radar technology roadmap.”

Held every three years, attendance has doubled at the five-day event since it began in 1999 due to the ever increasing number of deployed Lockheed Martin long-range radars, some of which have been in use for more than 30 years.

“We open our aperture very wide to encourage customers to discuss our systems, inserting new technologies and capabilities and support solutions,” said Larioni. “The fact that none of our family of long range radars has ever been taken out of service is a testament to our dedication and continual technology investments.”

Lockheed Martin’s family of long-range, ground-based air surveillance radar systems includes the TPS-59, TPS-77 and FPS-117.  These high-performing, solid-state L-band radars provide early warning, situational awareness and ballistic and tactical missile surveillance.

In addition to talks by Lockheed Martin radar experts, the conference also features customer presentations, product demonstrations and roundtable discussions. A radar signal processor/data processor cabinet and next generation prototypes are on display to show recent equipment advances that will help further extend radar system life.

Posted on March 20, 2012