Freedom Passes Toughest Test

Navy INSURV Board declares the nation’s first Littoral Combat Ship fit for duty after thorough inspection



The USS Freedom – the nation’s first Littoral Combat Ship – was declared fit for duty after recently passing its INSURV inspection.

Congress established the Board of Inspection and Survey (INSURV) in 1882 to inspect Navy ships to ensure their readiness.  On INSURV’s website, President of the board Rear Admiral Robert Wray writes, “It's probably the toughest and most thorough external review that any naval ship will ever receive.”

The USS Freedom – the nation’s first Littoral Combat Ship – passed its INSURV inspection conducted May 22-24, and was declared fit for duty.

“INSURV found Freedom fit for service and on an appropriate readiness glide slope,” said Vice Adm. Richard W. Hunt, commander, Naval Surface Forces.

During the review, INSURV inspectors put the Freedom and the crew through its paces.  The inspectors fully operated the main propulsion and the electrical plant for hours and tested the ship's combat systems to verify full tactical capability. INSURV also tested the communication systems at long range, as well as the deck equipment.

Inspectors surveyed each space in the ship to ensure Navy technical standards were met.  Freedom’s documentation and safety programs also were verified.

Built by a Lockheed Martin-led team at the Marinette Marine shipyard in Wisconsin, the Freedom was deployed two years early in 2010. Since then, it has sailed more than 58,000 nautical miles, participating in drug interdiction missions with the Coast Guard in the Caribbean and taking part in RIMPAC 2010.

The Navy plans to deploy Freedom to Singapore next year to establish its forward posture as part of the U.S.’s new defense strategy that calls for an increased focus on the Pacific.

The Lockheed Martin team’s second Freedom variant – the Fort Worth (LCS 3) – completed acceptance trials in early May and will be delivered to the Navy this summer. The team has begun construction on the Milwaukee (LCS 5) and Detroit (LCS 7). Little Rock (LCS 9) and Sioux City (LCS 11) were awarded in March 2012, and the industry team is in the process of procuring long-lead materials for their construction.

In addition to Marinette Marine, Naval architect Gibbs & Cox, as well as domestic and international teammates are also on the Lockheed Martin-led team.

Posted on May 31, 2012


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