Supporting the Coast Guard’s Mission

Lockheed Martin to provide C4ISR system for the next National Security Cutter


Stratton_460x300 Lockheed Martin received a $68 million contract from Huntington Ingalls to provide the C4ISR system for the USCGC Munro. Lockheed Martin has developed the C4ISR systems for all six of the Coast Guard’s National Security Cutters, including the USCGC Stratton shown above. Photo courtesy Huntington Ingalls Industries.

“Did they get off?”

While evacuating a battalion of U.S. Marines trapped by enemy forces on Guadalcanal in 1942, U.S. Coast Guard Signalman Douglas Munro uttered these final words after he was fatally shot.

Munro placed his landing craft between the evacuating vessels and the enemy to provide vital covering fire for the Marines. For his heroism, Munro received the Medal of Honor, the only member of the Coast Guard to ever be so honored.

Now, the Coast Guard is recognizing Munro once more, naming its sixth of eight planned Legend-class National Security Cutters (NSC) after him. Lockheed Martin will ensure the newest cutter is equipped to help the Coast Guard complete its most challenging missions.

Lockheed Martin received a $68 million contract from Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII) June 20 to provide the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) system for the USCGC Munro. The Coast Guard recently selected HII to build the ship.

“This capability provides real-time situational awareness so that operations like rescues, drug interdictions, disaster relief efforts and communication between agencies can be conducted as effectively and safely as possible,” said Colleen Arthur, director of Integrated Defense Technologies for MST.

Lockheed Martin builds and integrates the C4ISR systems that provide the NSC with comprehensive, real-time situational awareness, commonality and interoperability. It enables the crew to see vessels in distress or targets of interest; collaborate with other Coast Guard air, sea and land assets; and act on the most current information available.

The Munro will be the third cutter to receive the Tactical Seawatch Coast Guard Command and Control System (CGC2). By leveraging the Aegis Combat System developed by Lockheed Martin over the past 30 years for the U.S. Navy, CGC2 provides the Coast Guard its first fully integrated combat system.

“Working with the Coast Guard, we are adding new functionality in the way that data are displayed, recorded and managed,” said Joe Buss, program director of Lockheed Martin’s Coast Guard and Mission Control Systems. “By advancing C4ISR in an infrastructure that introduces new sensors and communications systems, we provide the Coast Guard greater capability to conduct its vital missions.”

Posted July 18, 2013