Fostering Partnerships to Accelerate Capabilities for the Warfighter

The Lockheed Martin Technology Collaboration Center-West (TCC-W) offers unique capabilities, including current U.S. Navy systems, to test and collaborate on leading-edge and Open Architecture (OA) technologies in close proximity to major defense and commercial partners. The broad spectrum of enabling capabilities within TCC-W spans many elements of the Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence (C4I) domain, and enables participants maximum flexibility, interoperability and testing in an unstructured environment. Conveniently located in the Old Town section of San Diego, California, TCC-W is in close proximity to major defense and commercial customers.

"As a small business specializing in advanced user interface designs for military decision-makers and teams, it is important for us to be able to partner with a reliable, supportive organization that can help us transition our concepts into C4ISR systems. Lockheed-Martin has been an excellent technology partner for us.  We are comfortable in sharing intellectual property under mutual agreements, and they have mentored us on how our designs can best fit into large-scale systems development.  The open architecture of TCC-West provides an easy way for us to demonstrate SBIR concepts and products to explore potential system applications and to conduct Sea Trial / Trident Warrior tests and demonstrations in a networked, operational environment."
Richard Kelly, PhD, CPE
Principal Scientist
Pacific Science & Engineering Group, Inc.


TCC-West is a re-branding of the Global Vision Center facility to better reflect the mission and synchronize the initiative with the MST TCC-East facility at 300 M Street in Washington, DC.

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