Engineering Spotlight: Amanda F.

What is your role at Lockheed Martin?  

Missile Systems Engineer for the Fleet Ballistic Missile Program

What tips or advice would you offer students considering a career in engineering?

Be patient, be persistent, and have fun! Early on in my college career I would often become frustrated when we reviewed a topic that I didn’t fully understand. I had become a complacent student, and was accustomed to understanding material the first time I saw it.  Some topics are going to be more challenging than others, and it may take you longer to fully understand a certain concept. So be patient, read the material, and do extra homework.  There is nothing better than the “Ah-Ha” feeling you get after studying for so long. Be persistent. An engineering degree is not something that is given to you – you have to earn it. Keep up with your classes, don’t push assignments off until last minute, and ask questions.  Lastly, and most importantly, have fun while pursuing your dream to become an engineer! 

The theme for National Engineers Week is “Let’s Make a Difference”. Tell us about how you make a difference to inspire young people to consider a career in engineering? How can your peers get involved?

Recently I became involved in the robotics program at the local middle school.  Getting involved with students early in their school career and challenging them to build, design, program, or create things is essential to get them interested in science and engineering.  You don’t have to be an expert in robotics, or even have to know the scientific method to inspire students – just support them and let them explore the science and engineering realm firsthand.  I recommend reaching out to local schools and offering assistance in their math and science departments.  Just a few hours of your time can dramatically impact which path a student decides to take.    

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Name: Amanda F.
Location: Kings Bay, Ga
Engineering Field: Mechanical Engineering