Engineering Spotlight:
Dan M.

What is your role at Lockheed Martin?

Attitude Controls Engineer for Special Programs at Space Systems

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

My love of science and engineering was cultivated early by my grade school science teachers.  Good teachers are able to clearly communicate facts and techniques. Truly inspiring teachers find ways to do so while also sharing their enthusiasm for the subject and instilling an enduring sense of curiosity in their pupils. My first science teachers fell in the latter category, and their obvious joy in exploring even the simplest of scientific phenomena sticks with me today. 

The theme for National Engineers Week is “Let’s Make a Difference”. Tell us about how you make a difference to inspire young people to consider a career in engineering? How can your peers get involved?

Look around for volunteering opportunities to help your local STEM outreach effort (you won’t have to look far). Don’t want to commit to too much? Help out one day a year at your local Lockheed Martin Young Minds At Work day or a similar initiative. Can’t spare time during a work day? Help out a STEM outreach group with support tasks like financial planning or event booking, which can be done anytime. Want to make sure that you can maximize your impact? Find a STEM outreach group that needs help directly teaching students. Don’t know where to begin? Just ask – the STEM outreach volunteering community is friendly. Chances are, your local groups would be thrilled to have whatever level of help you feel comfortable offering. Everyone can contribute to the important work of enabling the next generation of students to discover and pursue their interest in engineering.

More information on engineering and other career opportunities at Lockheed Martin, visit our Careers page.


Name: Dan M.
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Engineering Field: Guidance, Navigation and Control