Government Computer News Awards Gala

Remarks By Robert J. Stevens
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer,
Lockheed Martin Corporation
Washington, DC - 10/11/2005

Thank you for this great honor.  It is indeed humbling to be recognized by Government Computer News as Industry Executive of the Year.  I accept this award on behalf of the thousands of Lockheed Martin employees – and our many partners – who together made it possible for us to be the number-one IT provider to the federal government for the 11th consecutive year. 

We meet tonight at a time of immense challenges for governmental institutions at all levels.  External forces – including deepening budget deficits, growing demands for services, rapidly advancing technologies, performance issues, and the increasing need for highly complex and interconnected data systems -- have combined to create an environment for government that is as difficult as I have ever seen it. 

What that means is that your job – the job of the IT professional -- is more critical than ever.  Information technologies underpin virtually every system, every process, every action the government undertakes.  For the foreseeable future, IT solutions represent the only realistic way to address the many external forces acting on government. 

At Lockheed Martin, we understand the criticality of IT solutions for governments to meet their commitments.  Traditionally, we have been known as a platform builder – designing and building state-of-the-art aircraft and spacecraft.  
But what a lot of people don’t know – present company excluded --  is that Lockheed Martin has a very rich and extensive heritage of IT excellence and an established record of empowering government institutions by providing critical information quickly and accurately. 

Our capabilities span the entire IT value chain, from basic infrastructure support all the way up to architectural design, integration and implementation of mission critical applications and network centric systems.  By balancing the three critical elements of people, processes and technologies, we can bring deep-technology solutions to bear on the toughest challenges our government customers face. 

All of us in this room are engaged in the business of innovation.  There aren’t many enterprises that are fundamentally tasked with looking into the future and inventing today what will be applied tomorrow.   But we do that.  And I think collectively, we do it well. 

We all must be focused on meeting the increasing demands of our customers.  We must reinforce in each other some basic realities: the global war on terror is real, security threats are real, and the desire of civil government agencies to provide better value to citizens is real. 

And every time we meet with those who face these realities, we are reminded yet again how dedicated they are to the responsibilities they have been given.  It really is a great honor for us to partner with you, our government customers.  We believe in the importance of our work because you believe in the importance of your missions.

We look forward to working with all of you on your most challenging IT and systems initiatives.  On behalf of our 135,000 dedicated employees, I thank you again for this great honor.