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Command, Control, Battle Management & Communications (C2BMC)


Lockheed Martin leads the Missile Defense National Team B, which is responsible for the development and deployment of the Command, Control, Battle Management and Communications (C2BMC) system for national missile defense. C2BMC is the critical integrating command and control function that enables the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS). It provides the warfighter with a reliable, flexible, and real-time capability to plan, monitor, and manage the defense of the United States, its deployed forces, and friends and allies against ballistic missile threats.

Global Protection

BMDS is a layered architecture comprised of boost, mid-course, and terminal domains designed to provide global protection against all ranges of ballistic missile threats.  Through each domain, geographically dispersed elements, such as Aegis ships, Ground-based Interceptors, Patriot and Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) batteries, along with stand-alone sensors, are available to the warfighter. C2BMC integrates and interconnects these BMDS elements into an integrated system-of-systems with a common battlespace view allowing combatant commanders, government agencies, and national command centers, including the White House and Pentagon to coordinate defenses. This allows rapid decision-making by the national command authorities as required by the compressed time-line associated with responding to a missile attack.

The C2BMC program is a key enabler for implementation of the Presidential Directive for a missile defense system. C2BMC links these various individual sensor-interceptor-communications elements into one coordinated system utilizing the best offensive/defensive attributes of each element, ensuring the highest BMDS capability for protection against all types of ballistic missile threats in all regions and in any phase of flight.

  • Planning capability to optimally locate sensors and weapons systems to counter identified threats
  • Situational awareness of the evolving battle and status of defensive assets at all leadership levels
  • Battle management to optimally pair sensors and shooters for effective and efficient BMDS asset utilization and engagement
  • Sensor netting to detect, identify, track, and discriminate threats
  • Global engagement management to optimally pair the right sensors and weapons systems against multiple threats for the highest probability of hit- kill and to best manage the shot magazine
  • Global communications networks to efficiently manage and distribute essential data

C2BMC provides Commanders with the command, control, battle/sensor management, and communication tools to optimize the BMDS elements for a coordinated defense.




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