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Laboratory Capabilities

Automated Calibration Systems (Signal Generators, Power Sensors, VXI/PXI, Resistance, Noise Sources) offer precise, hands-off calibrations in the most cost-effective methods possible.


Common Measure and Test Equipment We Calibrate:


  • Pressure/Vacuum Gauges and Transducers
  • Manometers and Barometers
  • Air Data Test Sets


  • Temperature/Humidity Chart Recorders
  • Thermometers (PRT, RTD, T/C)
  • IR Thermometers
  • Thermocouple Calibrators
  • Thermal Chambers/Ovens (local on-sites available)


  • Network Analyzers
  • Calibration Kits
  • Signal Generators
  • Spectrum Analyzers
  • Power Meters
  • Power Sensors (Agilent & Boonton)
  • Noise Sources
  • Signal Sources
  • Counters and Oscillators


  • High Precision Digital Multimeters (Agilent 3458A, Fluke 8508A)
  • Precision Resistors
  • Electrical Calibrators (Fluke 5500, 5520, 5700, 5720)
  • AC Measurement Standards (Fluke 5790)
  • Capacitance, Inductance, LCR Meters
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Wrist Strap Testers
  • VXI/PXI Cards


  • Electrical Balances/Scales
  • Weights
  • Torque Wrenches/Transducers
  • Force Gauges
  • Height Gages
  • Calipers/Micrometers
  • Indicators
  • Thread Plug Gages (standard and metric)
  • Surface Plates (on-site)


Pressure Up to 3000.0 psig (±0.01%)
Absolute Pressure Up to 150.0 psia (±0.01%)
Temperature Up to 500.0 °F actual (± 2500 °F simulated)
Humidity 10.0% to 90.0% RH (worst case ±0.5 RH)
Torque Inch ounces up to 1000.0 ft/lb
Mass Milligrams up to 800 lbs.
Length Outside diameter up to 10.0 in. (±20.0 u in.). Inside diameter up to 6.0 in. (±5.0 u in.). Height to 48.0 in.
Dimensional Thread: all English and Metric, ring, pin, and angular
Surface Plate Profile analysis to AA Grade


Electrical DC/LF up to 40 KV
Electrical RF/uW up to 50 Ghz
Power Sensor up to 50 Ghz
Capacitance up to 99,999 uf, up to 200 KHz
Inductance up to 99,999 H, up to 200 KHz
Resistance 0.001 ohm - 100 Tohm
Current stimulus to 20 A, measurement to 100 ADC
Time/Frequency global positioning system with rubidium
Peak Power Sensors up to 40 GHz
Noise Sources up to 26 GHz
Capacitance, Precision up to 1 uf @ 1 KHz w/ppm accuracy
Resistance, Precision up to 1 Gohm
Impedence up to 99,999 Kohm, up to 200 KHz

See our list of existing supported model numbers. If your model numbers are not yet listed please contact us to see if we can support your requirements.