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Data Link Control


VCS-4586 supports omni, line-of-sight, and satellite data links. It allows operators to configure, control, and monitor Ground Data Terminals (GDTs), and Airborne Data Terminals (ADTs).


The Data Link Control panel displays the statuses of the data link as reported by the GDT or AV. The following are displayed:

  • Statuses of GDTs
  • Statuses of the transmitter radio and antenna
  • AV tail number
  • Current status of the GPS employed by the selected data link


In addition to the display feature, the Data Link Control panel gives operators the ability to:

  • Set up data link parameters by initializing and managing data link frequencies, rates, and encryption codes
  • Control the transmitter radio
  • Change to the antenna’s pointing mode and use it to maintain communications
  • Enter the GDT antenna pedestal location and transmit this location to the GDT and VSM
  • Set the uplink and downlink properties for all the configured data links for a specific vehicle
  • Modify the automatic search (for data link) mode of the data link pedestal antenna
  • Manually control and aim the data link pedestal antenna
  • Define the directional antenna orientation with respect to true north and the horizontal
  • Enter parameters required for the SATCOM links
  • Define data link parameters that support video, audio, or sensor communications with the controlled video
  • Configure the antenna parameters used for auto tracking the ADT on the vehicle
  • Display the Communication Security (COMSEC) status of the selected data link and provide the ability to command communication equipment to clear security codes
  • Make adjustment to a GDTs directional antenna alignment from the original values

Supported Data Link features

  • TCDL data link messages 
  • Ultra High Frequency (UHF) data links

System Requirements

VCS-4586 is configured to operate effectively on a variety of PC-based hardware configurations. Supported operating systems include Linux, Solaris (SPARC hardware only), and Windows


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