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VCS-4586 is designed as a robust network-centric platform highly adapted for connectivity to third-party applications and C4I infrastructure. Its design enables it to directly connect to vehicles, sensors and data links as network nodes and allows easy integration of external applications through the built-in VCS-4586 API.


An intuitive point-and-click interface for vehicle and sensor control and high levels of autonomy for automating operator tasks means that operators don’t need extensive training. Instead, operators are able to focus their attention on mission and sensor management. Operators use a similar user-interface for all vehicles, eliminating the need for onerous cross-platform training.

The built-in simulator application can be used for basic operator training and mission rehearsal. VCS-4586 can be integrated with various synthetic terrain environments offering operators the ability to train and rehearse with unprecedented realism. Virtually any synthetic environment can be integrated through the VCS-4586 API which gives public access to all internal variables. Some existing integrations include VCS-4586 and:

  • CAE STRIVE and Medallion S 
  • MetaVR VRSG
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X 
  • MultiGen-Paradigm Vega Prime 
  • Multiple Unified Simulation Environment (MUSE) 
  • Simlat ST-1


VCS-4586 is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software solution. Whether it’s run on a state-of-the-art Linux platform with two high-resolution monitors or a stripped down ruggedized laptop with a low-resolution display, the software is engineered to work. The VCS-4586 user-interface is designed to make effective use of screen real estate and to take advantage of Linux, Solaris and Windows operating systems. This hardware flexibility affords a high level of customizability in the ground control station design and setup.

System Requirements

VCS-4586 is configured to operate effectively on a variety of PC-based hardware configurations. Supported operating systems include Linux, Solaris (SPARC hardware only), and Windows.


Software Delivery

All of our software packages, licenses, and documentation are delivered electronically through our secure customer portal. Once all required legal documentation and accounting related matters are processed, unique login credentials are provided along with the URL to the customer portal. A hard-copy can also be provided.