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Warning, Caution and Advisory

Operation awareness is crucial in operating multiple vehicles and sensor platforms efficiently and safely to effectively achieve mission objectives. VCS-4586 is engineered with a strong focus on operation safety and considerations that enhance operator awareness. To keep operators informed of the overall system status and to provide indications of abnormalities in real-time, VCS-4586 uses the Warning, Caution, and Advisory (WCA) panel.


To ensure consistent and easily distinguishable safety features, the WCA panel displays:

  • Messages listed from highest priority in the following default message background colors:
    • Blue: Advisory
    • Dark Yellow: Caution indicates that an operation parameter is at or reaching a dangerous level but not in a state where it can jeopardize the mission
    • Red: Warning indicates that an operation parameter is in a state that could jeopardize the mission and that immediate operator attention is required
    • Black: Failure indicates that an operational parameter has reached the loss of linkage, non-responsive or abnormal state
  • Discrete messages when the state of a specified parameter changes or a specific situation has been triggered
  • Parametric messages when a particular parameter has exceeded a specified limit or when there is a mismatch between a parameter value commanded by VCS and the parameter reported by the AV
  • Vehicle ID (AV tail number) and 14 different subsystem icons from where the WCA originated from


In addition to the simple display, the WCA panel gives the operator the ability to:

  • Play a sound file associated with the posted audible WCA and output it to the audio output device 
  • Use an API for easily adding customized WCA messages 
  • Manually clear messages posted to the WCA panel

System Requirements

VCS-4586 is configured to operate effectively on a variety of PC-based hardware configurations. Supported operating systems include Linux, Solaris (SPARC hardware only), and Windows.


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