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Video Screener


Video Screener is a full motion video (FMV) analysis application designed by Lockheed Martin CDL Systems. The application is fully integrated and included with existing products including VCS-4586 and mGCS which are both NATO STANAG 4586 UAV control station software. The Video Screener API allows for easy integration to third-party applications requiring FMV analysis.

Analysis Tools
Graphical and textual overlays on the FMV promote sensor operator situational awareness. Video geo-referencing allows operators to reposition the starepoint directly from the video display. Synchronized status readouts provide information on location, altitude, and range of the sensor providing the feed.

Digital Video Recording
Video Screener includes powerful features allowing operators to record and archive live video. Pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding of live video streams is supported. Operators can playback recorded video and save images of video frames with associated metadata intact.

Standards Based
Both analog and digital video streams can be viewed using Video Screener. NATO STANAG 4609 compatible digital video streams are fully supported allowing operators to benefit from embedded KLV metadata. Video Screener will run in Linux, Solaris, and Windows environments.

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