Cyber Solutions


At Lockheed Martin, we’re revolutionizing cyber mission readiness by leveraging four leap-ahead capabilities – format test specification, rapid range construction, data sanitization and enhanced security isolation and architecture. Lockheed Martin’s cyber capabilities enable an unprecedented level of testing, not possible with today’s approach, by reducing the time and cost by five to ten times. We offer an end-to-end automated approach within a common environment that can be rapidly repurposed to create high fidelity emulations of real life cyber environments. This enables us to produce confidence in the networks and consistency in the results.


Lockheed Martin’s cyber technology allows multiple experiments of different classification levels to run simultaneously, expediting testing and aiding users in the development of solutions to guard against threats at various levels. Our systems also allow end users to test malicious code without compromising an operational infrastructure. Lockheed Martin’s testing capabilities also:

  • Construct and validate environments, via automated tool suite
  • Reduce testing costs by 5 to 10 times, via rapid range construction
  • Achieve a high-fidelity environment in hours, not months
  • Enable tests to checkpoint, replay, reconfigure and restore

Forensics and Real-Time Analysis

Our tools allow users to conduct real-time and forensic analysis, providing the ability to simulate and train against multiple attacks on various network structures. These features also allow users to deconstruct enhanced cyber threats to better understand their various components or evaluate them holistically.


Lockheed Martin’s cyber training systems allow analysts to develop high-fidelity simulations in hours, rather than the industry standard of months. On our systems, trainees develop realistic attack plans that are automatically assessed and evaluated for impact, providing a powerful agent to:

  • Accomplish mission rehearsal and planning
  • Recognize defensive countermeasures
  • Avoid detection and interception

Lockheed Martin’s training tools also mimic human behavior and frailties to prepare users to counter live threats. Training scenarios include:

  • Host modeling
  • Firewall modeling
  • Intrusion detection modeling
  • Router modeling

End-to-End Support

Lockheed Martin partners with users to define the mission, produce the solution and articulate the methodology— providing unparalleled cyber capabilities.


  • Testing
  • Forensics and real-time analysis
  • Training
  • Comprehensive support