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The excitement surrounding the Smart Grid is exceeded only by the challenge of transforming today’s aging utility architectures and disparate systems into tomorrow’s highly secure, tightly integrated, flexible and future-proof networks.

The Smart Grid will fundamentally transform the way energy is managed, transmitted, and consumed. However, this transformation will require the seamless integration of a utility’s power, IT, and communications networks - a process that will take years of detailed engineering and careful operational planning.

Sustainable Industry Leadership

Industry transformation is never quick nor easy, but companies that successfully make the transition enjoy a sustainable industry leadership. Lockheed Martin has developed some of the most secure and complex mission-critical systems on the planet for our defense and civil customers. We’ve also helped transform commercial industries, including the development of the EZ-Pass and GPS systems – technologies that are becoming increasingly embedded in our everyday lives.

Lockheed Martin understands the challenges facing utilities moving through their Smart Grid evolution. We have extensive experience helping complex enterprises transition into nimble, ‘net-centric’ organizations with best-in-class operational capabilities while maintaining the highest levels of system reliability and customer service.


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