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At Lockheed Martin, cyber security is more than a core competency - it’s a way of life.  We integrate security into everything we do. As utilities continue to evolve at an unprecedented rate, Lockheed Martin is helping to protect the grid, networks and systems that power our daily lives.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge in the migration to a Smart Grid-enabled future is cyber security. In years past, utilities could focus on physical asset security and basic system security for their largely non-networked operational and business systems.

The Smart Grid, though, requires the tight interconnection of multiple systems across both energy producers and consumers, presenting real but manageable security risks.

The critical systems and networks that Lockheed Martin designs for its government customers, as well as our own, come under attack every day by talented, persistent, and hostile individuals and organizations. And every day, we continue to safeguard some of the most sensitive information and mission-critical systems in the world.

At Lockheed Martin, security is simply part of our DNA. It’s built into every employee, internal system, and process, and we build it into every product or service we provide our customers.

Learn more about Palisade™, our cyber security solution tailored to the needs of the energy industry.





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