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SEEload - Demand Response Management


Utilities and regulators are increasingly looking to implement demand response (DR) as a more cost effective and environmentally responsible way to meet peak load requirements. While DR is a highly effective tool for maintaining grid reliability by proactively managing peak demand, it creates new challenges in predicting and managing assets - especially as smart meters are broadly deployed.

Dynamic Load Management

SEEload™ provides utilities with a dynamic load management solution that enables highly customizable load control and powerful event analytics. SEEload seamlessly integrates all of a utility’s DR programs, customers, and aggregators into a single operational view to provide flexible and dynamic distribution network management through a hierarchical network control structure.

SEEload allows utilities to precisely shed load - exactly where it is needed and only as long as necessary, to improve DR program effectiveness and optimize DR event economics. SEEload’s powerful analytics engine optimizes DR programs through adaptive algorithms that continuously refine the DR model, which is particularly helpful for smart meter and Home Area Network deployments.





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