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FORTIS Exoskeleton

Lockheed Martin has developed next-generation, unpowered, lightweight exoskeletons that will enhance user strength and endurance. 

FORTIS™ exoskeleton transfers loads through the exoskeleton to the ground in standing or kneeling positions and allows operators to use heavy tools as if they were weightless. An advanced ergonomic design moves naturally with the body and adapts to different body types and heights. Using the FORTIS tool arm, operators can effortlessly hold heavy hand tools, increasing productivity by reducing muscle fatigue. 

Because of its design, the FORTIS™ exoskeleton is a recipient of a Gold Spark award in the category of Product and Health Design, and ICON Magazine, an architecture and design publication based in the United Kingdom, named the FORTIS™ exoskeleton its Product Design of the Year. 

CNN Money also named the FORTIS™ exoskeleton one of its 36 coolest gadgets of 2014.

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