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F-16 models are denoted by increasing block numbers to indicate upgrades. The blocks cover both single- and two-seat versions. A variety of software, hardware, systems, weapons compatibility, and structural enhancements have been instituted over the years to gradually upgrade production models and retrofit delivered aircraft. For the F-16 full evolution, visit the Code One website.

Current Versions – Block 50/52 and Block 60

Today’s F-16 is the cumulative result of the combat experience of F-16 pilots and customer needs. The most current variants, Block 50/52 and Block 60, are the result of aggressive technology and development based on combat experience.

Both new versions have the latest in avionics, sensors and weapons, plus user-friendly cockpits and systems integration that provide pilots improved situational awareness.

Block 50/52

Block 50/52 is the eighth major modification block of the F-16. Its capabilities continue to increase as new technologies develop. Most improvements are the direct result of combat experience.

The Block 50/52 improvements include:

  • More powerful engine
  • Color cockpit displays
  • New electronic warfare suite
  • Advanced weapons and sensors

Block 60

The Block 60 F-16 brings a host of new systems that keep the fighter on the leading edge of technology and provide the capabilities necessary to meet modern defense requirements.

Some of these leading-edge systems include:

  • New conformal fuel tanks significantly extend the aircraft’s range
  • New, more advanced flight controls and radar detection capabilities
  • All-new avionics to give the pilots more sensor data and improved situational awareness
Block5052_F16_generic Block 50/52 F-16
F16_alt_971AFA_081126_0058_SM UAE Block 60 F-16