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F-35 Pilot and Maintenance Training System

The Total Training Solution

The F-35 Lightning II Pilot and Maintenance Training systems are the total training solution for the state-of-the-art F-35 weapon system. The comprehensive programs prepare pilots and maintainers using a variety of training media blended into a total training solution.

A fully integrated training center uses the latest courseware, electronic classrooms, simulators, flight events and event-based maintenance training. The Training Management System (TMS) tracks and coordinates each student’s training and performance. The TMS will also hold the student training jackets that follow the pilot or maintainer through their F-35 career.

Trainees are immersed in the virtual experience before moving to the real thing. Courseware is built using a flexible modular design, making it possible to train warfighters from 13 different services on three F-35 variants without creating multiple training suites of variant-specific hardware and software. In all simulators, actual F-35 software is used to give students the most realistic experience possible while accelerating the process for software upgrades.


Reduced Time to Train
Tailored to meet country-/service-specific needs and save costs

Full Complement of Training Curricula
Initial Qualification, Transition, Continuation and Refresher programs

Mission rehearsal training for pilots

On-demand training for maintainers

Multimedia Classrooms/Learning Centers
High fidelity courseware, simulators and training devices

Comprehensive training programs

Blended training solutions combine a variety of media

Immersive training environments for pilots and maintainers

Realistic Devices for Pilot/Maintainer Training
Mission Rehearsal Trainer

Full Mission Simulator

Weapons Loading Trainer

Avionics Systems Maintenance Trainer

Egress System Maintenance Trainer