Healthcare Training


Lockheed Martin draws on decades of experience with human performance engineering to create the shortest path to learning, improve retention and help healthcare professionals avoid medical mistakes.

Our training experience allows us to create cost-effective systems that provide live, virtual and constructive environments for teaching healthcare skills. For the military, our instructors teach over 160 health-related courses, from the basics of battlefield medicine to operating and troubleshooting in-theater medical equipment.

Lockheed Martin also delivers nursing student curriculum. By incorporating simulation, we are evolving  training from the current standard of teaching standalone procedures to a simulated clinical environment that mimics the uncertainty of real-life patient situations.

Encompassing training needs analysis, courseware development and integrating technology from various sources into a holistic system, Lockheed Martin’s healthcare programs result in highly-trained professionals.

Simulation Accelerates Learning

  • Mimics the uncertainty of real-life patient situations through complex scenarios
  • Emphasizes strong clinical reasoning and critical thinking skills
  • Provides a safe space for healthcare professionals to practice so they can perform with confidence when it really matters