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Applied Link Analysis (offered by request)


Link Analysis is the study of connections, such as relationships. These relationships can range from people, financial transactions, phone calls, and even computer traffic. This course is designed to teach attendees the concepts and methodology of Link Analysis and provide a foundation in a link analysis tool called Analyst’s Notebook. Attendees strengthen learned concepts by participating in practical exercises.

Course Objective

The course will train in link analysis as applied to the analytical responsibilities of the intelligence professional. The attendee will learn the theories and methods behind link analysis, and with the assistance of a link analysis software tool, and be able to create a common operational picture of today’s intelligence battlefield.

Major Topics

  • What is Link Analysis: How important is a relationship? What intelligence can be obtained from a given relationship? Those questions can be answered by using Link Analysis. Attendees will learn the techniques used to evaluate relationships or connections between objects.
  • What is the Analyst’s Notebook: Attendees will receive a thorough understanding on how to use the Analyst’s Notebook (ANB), an IBM link analysis software tool. Not only the tool’s numerous functions and features, but also shortcuts and best practices.
  • Understanding Convergent versus Divergent Thinking: Convergent and Divergent thinking skills are both important aspects of intelligence, problem solving and critical thinking. Attendees learn the differences between the two thought processes and how that impacts analysis.
  • Social Network Analysis: Social Network Analysis (SNA) provides a set of methodologies and formulas to determine how important a person or node is to a network. SNA can help answer important questions about networks such as: How central is an entity within a network, or how does information flow within a network?
  • Predictive Analysis: To know what will happen next is probably the most vital piece of intelligence any analyst can ever acquire. The goal is to understand the concepts of Predictive Analysis, such as patterns of behavior and forecasting future events, while learning how ANB can assist the analyst.
  • Importing: One of the most useful functions within the ANB tool is the ability to take large amounts of data, and in a matter of minutes, create an entire link analysis chart from that data. Attendees learn how to use this time-saving feature so that large amounts of intelligence will take analyst’s only hours to create a chart instead of days.
  • Identifying Intelligence Gaps and Analysis: Throughout the course, attendees will be challenged to identify intelligence gaps in data, and to analyze their ANB charts in order to answer intelligence questions. Within a group environment, attendees share their analysis and charts so that all participants can learn how others understood the data, the analytical techniques used, and chart versatility.



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