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Lingo Link™


Virtual Capability Connects Interpreters with Battlefield Troops

In the dynamic environment of today’s hybrid warfighter, social interaction with local populations and communities has become extremely important. Too often warfighters are constrained by language barriers, and current interpretation solutions are often inadequate.

Deployed U.S. and international forces battling language barriers will now be able to instantly connect to a pool of highly qualified interpretation services through a real-time, virtual capability developed by Lockheed Martin. Tailored to meet the exponential demand for qualified interpreters in theater, Lockheed Martin’s Linguist on-line service, LinGo LinkTM, brings high end interpreter services to troops at the forward edge. Using LinGo Link, interpreters, skilled in multiple languages and dialects, can serve in different areas without the need to be physically present at each location.

Remote, High-End Interpreter Services

LinGo LinkTM  is a virtual capability brings high end interpreter services to deployed forces  by connecting the edge user to a bank of interpreters in a remote service center within the area of operations. LinGo Link offers a service that allows each interpreter to serve a greater number of users, while supporting multiple dialects – all within the same service center – and without putting qualified interpreters in danger.

When support is needed, the user initiates a two-channel call to connect with a qualified interpreter. Outfitted with a Smartphone and LinGo Link’s mobile peripheral devices, users can exchange high-quality audio, video, photos, and text during conversations with interpreters. The LinGo Link system can use either commercial cellular or Wi-Fi services, or a tactical communications network such as Lockheed Martin’s MONAX™ persistent tactical broadband capability.

LinGo Link also enables the interpreter to provide “whisper-in-the-ear” cultural and intelligence support that goes beyond the words being spoken — offering clues to the community’s culture, security, economy, and laws — and enhancing the quality of the exchange.