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Spatial Awareness Fusion Environment (lmSAFE)


Revolutionizing the Way You See the World

Lockheed Martin’s Spatial Awareness Fusion Environment (lmSAFE) gives first responders, mission planners, and intelligence analysts a powerful immersive visualization tool that vastly improves their ability to see, understand and manage their operation. lmSAFE takes Geospatial software to the next level, integrating layers of discrete data in an intuitive, dynamic interface. Users no longer need to go to one database for reports, another system for updated imagery, and a third for unit location tracking.

lmSAFE makes all that and more available in a simple, point-and-click globe that matches key information with its location on the map. The result is flexible, powerful analysis that allows users to quickly get the ground truth, collaborate securely, and act decisively.

Merging Visualization and Exploitation

By combining a dynamic visualization engine – based on leading commercial products such as Google Earth™ or ESRI’s ArcGIS applications – lmSAFE enables faster, more intuitive analysis of critical intelligence data. Sensor feeds, imagery and even video can be geo-referenced and overlaid on an interactive map of the area of interest, allowing users to quickly connect the dots  between incoming intelligence and operations on the ground.

Each icon on the map – whether an infantry battalion or an environmental disaster site – links with a click of the mouse to detailed information culled from a variety of sources.

Users can quickly pull down specific unit information, updated imagery, and the latest reports about an item of interest, all through a single, unified interface. And all of the information is geospatially-integrated, ensuring that incoming information matches up with facilities, terrain and units already displayed on the map.

Analyst Roundtable: Web 2.0 Collaboration for the Intelligence Community

A key part of the lmSAFE portfolio is the Analyst Roundtable, a prototype capability that applies social media-style collaboration to the Intelligence Community.

Integrated Communities of Interest: Mission-oriented communities of interest give analysts easy access to useful links, reports, images, shape files, and other important data, all geared towards their mission and area of expertise.

Interactive Polling, Analysis and Feedback: Collaborative Analysis Sessions allow analysts to “swarm” over critical intelligence issues. Analysts can also poll targeted communities, allowing respondents to attach a confidence level and evidence to support their feedback.