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Nuclear Systems and Solutions

Nuclear Systems and Solutions

Lockheed Martin is the world’s premier systems integrator and leading provider of safety-critical nuclear instrumentation & control systems for commercial and Department of Defense Customers.


Safety Critical Nuclear Instrumentation & Control Products

Safety-critical Software
Highly-Integrated Control Room Communications & Human Factors Engineering
First-of-a-kind Engineering services Software Quality Assurance
Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
Component Electrical Design & Qualification

Manufacturing Services
                On-site Complete Fabrication
                Electrical & Electronic Assembly Services
                Electronic Circuit Board Design
                Customer Acceptance/ Source Inspections

Certified Performance
                Quality Performance & Conformance Inspection
                Independent Quality Conformance Inspection Staff
                Automatic Inspection Tools & Processes
                Documented Conformance & Performance
                Full Environment Qualification
                Full Life Cycle Support
                Full Service Supplier

Systems Integration
Cyber Security
Simulation & Training Services
3-D Avatar-based outage simulation, construction and Retrofit Planning
Intelligent Microgrid Solutions


For over 30 years, Lockheed Martin has incorporated unique functionality with digital software solutions resulting in foremost predictability and reliability – offering finer control and increased longevity.  

Lockheed Martin systems are currently operating aboard all U.S. Navy nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers deployed worldwide. This expertise and industry-specific safety culture are being applied in the commercial nuclear generating industry.

Lockheed Martin has the experience, expertise and impeccable safety record including the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Certification and Safety Class 1E and Non-safety Equipment.

Lockheed Martin has a dedicated and highly specialized team of I&C engineers having thousands of man-years of experience and the discipline of 70,000 engineers and technical contributors with extensive experience in mission-critical system designs and support worldwide.