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Indago VTOL Quad Rotor


The small vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) unmanned aircraft system gives warfighters, first responders and others in small, cluttered, urban environments an eye-in-the-sky in just minutes.

Indago features an extended hover, perch and stare capability that provides military, civil and commercial customers with aerial reconnaissance in crowded areas unreachable by fixed-wing unmanned aircraft systems. The VTOL’s gimbal mount includes electro-optical and infrared sensors and a laser illuminator to provide continuous 360-degree panning capability.

Equipped with the Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies’ proven Kestrel 3 autopilot, the compact, lightweight VTOL can be deployed in minutes and operate for up to 40 minutes. The collapsible VTOL platform folds into a man-packable unit that requires no tools for assembly.

The VTOL system includes a wireless hand controller, which provides an easy-to-use interface for intuitive, untethered vehicle operation. For full ground control station capabilities, the Virtual Cockpit v3.0 features a user-friendly 3-D map interface, powerful mission planning tools, in-flight re-tasking and full waypoint navigation.

The VTOL also can land and gather surveillance data from a remote location and then take off and return home.


  • Compact, man-packable, folding design
  • Dual Sensor EO/IR/LI gimbal
  • Digital IP data link (video & comm.)
  • Vision-aided Guidance
  • Quiet, rugged, all-weather
  • Extended hover/perch/stare capability
  • Hand controller and/or full 3D GCS


  • Endurance: 40-50 min (w/ 180g payload)
  • Payload: Dual sensor EO/IR/LI gimbal
  • Range: 5km line-of-sight
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):
    • Open: 32x32x7 inches
    • Folded: 12x9x6 inches

Wireless Hand Controller

Weather resistant with outdoor readable screen, our wireless Hand Controller provides un-tethered operation with onboard video recording and hi-res stills to SD card.