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Palletized Shelter Supports Signals Intelligence Collecting

Senior Scout is an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) system built into a trailer-like container that can be rolled on and off C-130 aircraft. This ISR suite of equipment rapidly configures standard C-130 aircraft for tactical signals intelligence, providing capabilities that exploit, geo-locate and report communications intelligence and signals of interest to air and ground component commanders. The first Senior Scout system was fielded and used in Operation Desert Storm in 1991 and continues to support the warfighter today.

For more than 20 years Lockheed Martin has provided system development and operational support to the U.S. Air Force for roll-on palletized ISR monitoring shelters. Lockheed Martin supports Senior Scout software and hardware updates, design enhancements, systems upgrades and standardization.

Palletized shelters that can be rolled on and off cargo aircraft are an element of Lockheed Martin’s Dragon family of ISR configurations. Dragon Shield™ offers a flexible roll-on/roll-off mission suite for customers who need a platform that can perform multiple missions (airlift and ISR). Lockheed Martin introduced the innovative Dragon ISR aircraft and ground station configurations in 2011 to offer customers cost efficient ISR systems that can be customized to meet each their specific mission needs.  All configurations within the DRAGON series incorporate a modular "plug and play" architecture for the cost-effective, rapid introduction of new capabilities and sustainment.


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