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T-50 Multirole Trainer

Two T-50 in flight

The future is now. There is a new era in military aviation: the F-22 Raptor and the F-35 Lightning II – the world’s only 5th Generation Fighters. These modern aircraft require pilot skills that current trainers cannot address. The T-50 delivers a total advanced training system that will bridge the gap between basic flight training and high-performance fighters. It is the trainer aircraft that will introduce a new generation of pilots to the power of modern, advanced fighters.

Today’s pilots demand a higher degree of training effectiveness. The T-50 system achieves this through embedded onboard training that allows students to readily grasp the operational training concepts and essence of the pilot/machine interface; before, during and after each flight.

As the leader in 5th Generation Fighter development, Lockheed Martin, in partnership with Korea Aerospace Industries, brings the experience and leadership to support the next generation of pilots.

Bridging the Gap

The T-50 bridges the gap between basic flight training and high performance fighters.

Training Ground

The modern glass cockpit allows students to manage complex weapons systems in a fighter-like environment.

More Effective Training

The T-50 achieves a higher degree of training effectiveness through embedded onboard training.


T-50 has the endurance to accomplish any training mission.

Value through Effectiveness

The advanced training system in the T-50 reduces overall training costs while improving training safety.

Available Now

The T-50 is the only trainer available now that provides 5th Generation flight training.

Proven Performance

TheT-50 has accumulated more than 32,000 flight hours since 2005.

Bridging the Gap

The T-50 bridges the gap between basic flight training and high performance fighters.

T-50 in full swing


Ten years after the first T-50 rolled out the Korean Aerospace Industries factory in Sacheon, South Korea, the program has radically improved the way fighter pilots are trained in Korea. Read More.



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