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TPQ-53 Features and Benefits







90° and 360° detection of mortars, rockets and artillery, operator selectable


Supports counter-insurgency missions as well as major combat operations




Quickly provides launch and impact point estimates


Supports counter-fire location, friendly fire location, and force protection operations



Provides all AN/TPQ-36 and AN/TPQ-37 functionality and adds 360° capability


Normal operation with two vehicles and four operators



Replaces two earlier models for significant cost, footprint, and manpower reduction


Reduces U.S. Army footprint of seven vehicles and 18 soldiers




Fully solid-state T/R module design


Higher reliability, more rugged, more fuel-efficient, higher performance, safer




Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) antenna design


Highly redundant T/R modules improve Ao; simplifies growth for future threats and missions




Exceptional signal-to-clutter performance


Improves target detection in high clutter environments


Designed for higher reliability, maintainability and supportability


Lower life-cycle cost; higher availability



Supports AFATDS and FAADC2 interfaces including IFPC



Supports all US Army data interfaces and missions




Single-vehicle Mission Essential Configuration can operate for up to 72 hours


Supports two-man operation for reduced footprint and high mobility




5-minute set-up and 2-minute take-down for march order


Supports rapidly changing mission needs



Extensive live-fire test program – more than 20,000 rounds and counting



Definitively proves effectiveness against a wide range of RAM projectiles and geometries



More than 18 months of combat operational experience with multiple systems to date



Proven capabilities in theater





TPQ-53 System TPQ-53 System