Space Systems

AMS 2015

Lockheed Martin Recognized For Outstanding Service To Meteorology

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) recognized Lockheed Martin with its 2015 Award for Outstanding Services to Meteorology by a Corporation. The award was granted for the corporation’s outstanding contributions to atmospheric, ocean, and heliophysics science and operational forecasting through production of satellites, radars, sensors and information technology over the past five decades.

NIRCam's Optical System Excels In Integrated Tests For James Webb Telescope

The Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) instrument Lockheed Martin helped develop for NASA’s next deep space telescope surpassed expectations during tests in late 2014. It will see farther into the cosmos and further back in time than any other instrument. Scientists are preparing NIRCam for new trials beginning this year.



How Orion Engineers Caught the "Space Bug"

Space captivates people from all backgrounds. For some, it started when they found a new favorite sci-fi novel, and for others it is a fascination with the stars above. This passion and excitement for the celestial manifests itself as the “Space Bug” – motivating people in their pursuit of the unknown.

At Lockheed Martin, we’re passionate about exploring the far reaches of the universe and expanding the boundaries of human knowledge. With Orion, humans will travel deeper into space, where greater discoveries await and where future generations will be inspired.