Enterprise Business Services

Who is EBS?

Enterprise Business Services is Lockheed Martin's cross-regional information technology resource, providing value-added, technology-based information services to Lockheed Martin businesses.

EBS holds no contracts external to Lockheed Martin. All efforts are focused on supporting internal corporate requirements, and helping other corporate business units meet their contractual commitments.

EBS is a virtual organization, successfully deploying centrally managed resources and technical skills where needed, regardless of geography. EBS has saved the Corporation millions of dollars in information technology costs by leveraging technology, improving processes, and providing our customers seamless delivery of our products and services.

EBS Products & Services

Lockheed Martin's computing environment is very diverse. EBS strives to support the computing requirements of the Corporation. EBS works with all Lockheed Martin business units to define requirements, obtain resources, and provide a strong IT system that is secure, flexible, and innovative. EBS operates the corporation's mainframe center, network, server farm, email system, help desk, telecommunications services, and supports much of the corporation's application development and systems engineering.

EBS is a corporate function, reporting through the CIO for Lockheed Martin Corporation, and thus supports corporate IT governance and security. There are many talented EBS employees who work to build a strong computing environment. The initial contact for new suppliers wanting to provide goods or services to EBS is Supplier.Communications@LMCO.com with company information requested to be submitted in the Supplier Marketing Portal at http://www.lockheedmartin.com/us/suppliers.html.